Will The Real Sara Please Stand Up?

Today’s message is this: PLEASE do not be fooled by one or two other Saras out there. I have just been informed that there is/are other/s out there with the same name who either hate Egypt, Copts, or whatever. This is NOT the Sara G. you know and love/love to hate. I don’t know how to “asbetlokom” what are the things I say, but let’s just say that

First: I almost never comment on blogs or other pages (if you suspect something, leave me a comment here and I’ll address it)


Second: Always hear someone through before jumping to conclusions.

You may be wondering if/why this is important enough for me to mention, since many of my dear friends and readers are, themselves, bloggers.

The reason is this: since I publish articles and columns in Copts United and Annaqed and other things like this, I am somewhat prone to getting threats and the like, and am in danger of reprisal from State Security (if they ever read my things, which I don’t think they have until now, thank God).

All I’m trying to say is that “My sheep hear my voice and know it,” and so do you. (Not that you’re sheep! šŸ™‚

I would appreciate your prayers this weekend, I am up for a new job that would be a considerable step up from my current one. Don’t worry, this won’t affect my proliferation of ideas, for I would rather sleep less than my customary 10 hours than miss out on giving you a piece of my mind…:)

I pray blessings for each of you and yours.

Have a cool Saturday!

Sara G.


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