A few quick notes to all my friends–frivolous, I know, since poor Kareem is in prison, but I’ll soon have more on him and on other dumb things about my homeland that had better change before I die.

First, I think it’s funny that people keep leaving me messages and hellos on the comments thing, and have stopped commenting on my articles (I’d take hellos any day! Not that I don’t like comments, I’m just trying to be sociable, you know? By the way, to H., I emailed you back months ago but it bounced! My email’s the same if you’d like to say hi and let me know how you were.. and to K, thanks for the offer, hope to see you soon, and to Z, you are a brat.)

Next,THIS is pretty funny, it tells of sex toys (the sale of) being outlawed in Alabama. (I was just signing in to wordpress and this article appeared and made me blush, so I thought I’d share it with you all.. Only in America..)

Third, my email is mzsaraghorab at yahoo.com if anyone needs it, and fourth, I have had several offers to syndicate my column this past week, and want to thank you all for having stuck with me from the very start. (Will tell you where I’ll be if anyone’s interested!)

Have a great week and see you back here real soon,


One Response to “Hilarious/Scandalous/Emailabous/Smarvelous”

  1. egyptiankangaroo Says:

    I like your blog and would like to extend a invitation to you to visit mine and give me your thoughts

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