Me and Clear.. (Re: Copts and Protestantism)

To my friend the convert to Coptic Orthodoxy–Clear and I were born into the protestant/evangelical branch of Christianity, but we are “Coptic” inasmuch as we are Egyptian and Christian (though some say that all Egyptians are Copts.. but I won’t touch that one with a hundred-foot-pole.)

Also, despite your conversion, you are not a Copt, but belong to the Coptic Orthodox faith. It’s a bloodline, not a religion. (So if I became an athiest, God forbid, then I will still be Copt.)

Some recommended reading if you’re interested: (Who are the copts?)

and (What? Protestant Copts?)

both by Sally Bishai, the champion of the young Coptic Protestant movement.

Good luck to you..


2 Responses to “Me and Clear.. (Re: Copts and Protestantism)”

  1. Faisal Says:

    Late comment, I realize, but I think that all Egyptians should call themselves Egyptians.

    Not Arabs, not Copts… just Egyptians.

    Then again, not everyone wants to admit or even agree to wanting a cohesive society.

  2. saraghorab Says:

    I agree with you, ya Faisal! Blessings, SG

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