Dear Kareem: A Letter To Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman (The Egyptian Blogger Who’s In Jail For The Crime Of Having an Opinion… From a Dear Friend)

(I have been asked to post this anonymous letter. Please keep Kareem in your prayers. SG)


I read today that your detention was extended by another forty five. Forty five days stolen from your future, sentenced forty five days after the first “sentence.”


Although it was not the first time, was it Kareem?


Some people write you’re in danger, others nod sadly, speaking of your imprisonment (or detention, anyway) as de rigueur, as something to be endured, something that will likely come to everyone at some point. Which it probably will. But I don’t want to think of that. I don’t want this to happen to you, can’t bear to hear of it happening to you.


I remember the last time we spoke, your sweet voice and gentle laugh. I remember what we discussed and smile at it now. But it is a sad smile.


I remember the last time I saw your face, the flash of your eyes, the slightly melancholy smile you sometimes smile.


I remember those days and struggle not to weep. I think of you often, not only in prayer or remembrance of our friendship, but to wonder how you’re doing in jail, what you’re doing at that very second.


I wonder how you’re being treated. You, who never hurt a fly, you who defended women, non-Muslims, and freedom. I hope they are being kind to you. It would kill me if they were not, and I would gladly take what abuse you might be subjected to. I’m serious. To be beaten or attacked is nothing when compared with the heartache I’ve gone through these past days. In fact, it would be a mercy to me. It might cleanse me of this holy rage I have for those who took you. And it might give me an excuse to get them back.


Did you see the video I had made for you? I was talking to someone and they talked to another and it ended up in a video, two minutes telling people what had happened to you. I made sure to mention that song you liked, by Soap Kills. I truly hope that this is the only time or place where the word “kill” is mentioned within shooting distance of your name.


Oh, God, I can’t deal with it. What if something happens to you? Do you even know what your friendship has meant to me? To hell with human rights and fighting for freedom and fixing up the screwiest
Egypt in recent memory: I want you to be safe. This is about YOU, not about some ideal. Although I know that it’s the ideal you would want protected over your own self.


But I can’t be that big, not when one of my top three friends on earth is being threatened. I would break into that cesspool of a jail to break you out myself, but as it is, they’ve kept me out.


But I’ll be back. I have to be. I can’t sleep like this. I keep seeing your face and hearing your voice and feeling sad, hopeless, helpless.


Like there’s something I can do, but I don’t know what it is. Or worse yet, there is nothing to be done.


Will you ever read this? Will you ever know how important you are to me?


Maybe I never said it in words.


But you know. I know you know. And maybe you’ve been too busy recently to think of me, but my brother, my friend, my dear comrade in the fight that is human rights personified.. I’ve been thinking of you. Sending you positivity and comfort. And praying for you to the God I hope you one day embrace.


Love, prayers and blessings to you my dear Kareem..






2 Responses to “Dear Kareem: A Letter To Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman (The Egyptian Blogger Who’s In Jail For The Crime Of Having an Opinion… From a Dear Friend)”

  1. Dr. Ahmed Azab Says:

    I really support your nobel effort, I have added the free Kareem banner to my site, and, with your permission, I will link to this wonderful letter from my blog about Kareem.


  2. saraghorab Says:

    Hello Dr. Ahmed, Thanks for kind words and may God continute to protect Kareem (and those who support him!).

    I am sure that the author of this letter will be very touched that you saw fit to add it.. 🙂

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