WOE To The Bad Muslims!

I couldn’t sleep. I have been thinking about my opinions on Egypt, Copts, Islam, Religion, and many other things.

What got me started was a mass of comments on this video, and every comment said something to the effect of “Islam isn’t the problem, Muslims are.”

So I have revised my theory of what’s wrong with the world.

It is NOT Islam that is wrong, it is the mis-interpretation of so many Muslims to think that Islam teaches death and destruction.

So “Good Muslims” like Faisal and dear Blacklander must be what the prophet had in mind.

The people who translated the Kor’an to make it seem as though women are subjugated are wrong, and the women who veil are wrong. (Non-natively-Arabic-speaking) People like Amina Wadud and Irshad Manji (who proclaim the gender equality of Islam) are in the right and 99% of imams are wrong.

The prophet and Allah would never come up with a plot to keep women down, to keep non-muslims down, and it’s ridiculous for people like Osama Bin Laden and the Egyptian Government to promote such ideals.

Dear God, I hope that You bless us with Your heavenly wisdom.. before we all kill each other “in Your name..”


3 Responses to “WOE To The Bad Muslims!”

  1. clear Says:

    A big welcome back!

  2. Faisal Says:

    Ya setee 2olna Agnostic. Agnostic wallahee. I am not a Muslim. I just had a big argument about this with three religious (laken not over-zealous fundamentalists) and I told them all out that:

    1. I am NOT a Muslim.
    2. I don’t know if God exists.
    3. I cannot follow any religion because of 2.

    Having said that… eih nezam el sarcasm?

  3. magdi Says:

    kalam gameel … kalam ma3oul ma2darch a2oul 7aga 3ano … !

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