Unequally Yoked: The Kidnapping of Rita Salib

Rita Salib


Egypt has been turned into a playing field for Saudi terrorism, now that the Shia minority has bought up


Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah was considering a move to
Egypt, and got his brother Khaleel Nasrallah to buy farms in a small part of
Giza known as Nobareya el Gededa, in order to give his money laundering scheme (involving drugs and terrorism) a home base.


It is clear that Nasrallah takes seriously the verse that says “slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush,” (Koran 9:5)


Today’s story begins on the 25th of March, 1980.


A Muslim young lady called Magda Ibrahim Elshoury relocated to
Lebanon to escape her bad reputation in
Alexandria. There, she met up with a man called Mounir Kouttour, the son of a well-known Christian family in
Lebanon. He married her, because the Lebanese law allows interfaith marriages. The child was called Ramy Mounir Kouttour.


When Magda returned to
Egypt, she presented her marriage license (from the non-Church wedding) to the Egyptians. Her parents found out that she had married a Christian, and took her son from her, in order to raised him in an Islamic environment. And in the company of their relatives, Shia sheikhs Abbass, Mohammed, and Essam Ibrahim Elshoury.

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah promised to get papers for young Ramy from
Lebanon, Papers that would “prove” that he was Muslim.


Fast forward two decades and we find Ramy rallying his Muslim friends around the “Anti-Israel” cause.


To avoid being picked up by national security, he began a movement in
Egypt, particularly
Alexandria, specially designed to kidnap girls


Ramy’s Mode of operation was to attend catholic churches in
Alexandria, claiming to be a Christian Lebanese.


He proposed to a girl called Rita Naseem Salib, still under the guise of being a lebanese christian.


Rita’s family, however, discovered that he didn’t have the proper papers to stay in
Egypt, and that he lived with his Muslim SHIA family.


And then, on 1 November,  2006, Rita disappeared. Her dad filed a missing persons report, accusing Ramy of the kidnapping.


The police said ‘we will have her for you in a few hours’ but despite this same message given every few hours, the cops never did.


The man at the other end of the phone was Abdel Ghaffar Aldeeb, who plays a big role in the kidnappings of Christian underage girls.


The biggest case he was involved with was that of Sally George, 16, who escaped and told everyone of the role Aldeeb played.


Unfortunately, her warning did not stop the many kidnappings that succeeded hers.




9 Responses to “Unequally Yoked: The Kidnapping of Rita Salib”

  1. clear Says:

    this is so sickening

  2. I dont buy it!! Says:

    I really find it hard to believe this conspiracy theory, the usual act of an Arab blame it on the other?!!!

  3. saraghorab Says:

    I know, Clear! Mr I Don’t, you have to understand that no one said every single ‘kidnapping’ is indeed a kidnapping. On the other hand, if even 5 of them are, we have to protect them and speak on their behalf. The runaway girls are the ones who are creating this rift between Christian and Muslim, and also giving people like me who fight for the 5 actually kidnapped girls a bad name. I am willing to take it, though, because as far as I know, we could be warning other girls of the seduction tricks that any man can use against them, no matter his age or religion. Forgive me for any aspersions.

  4. Egypeter Says:

    After, I read this post and saw that there were comments, I thought to myself, uh oh, let’s see how many Egyptians muslims start attacking Sara for reporting on this with the usual assortment of Egyptian Islamic attacks, like:

    “You’re just another conspiracy theorist or a liar this stuff doesn’t REALLY happen in Egypt. I have lot of Coptic friends”


    “Sara why are you spreading rumors she probably just fell in love with him and converted to Islam on her own free will”


    “Hey Sara, you remember Wafaa Constantine?”


    “Why are you blaming all muslims, these are just the actions of a very few bad muslims? Look at all the bad things in Christianity!”

    I can go on and on but I don’t think anyone here needs to hear the same sorry bullshit excuses again.

    And, sure enough, ‘I don’t buy it’ proved me right. Lol. And Sara is not an ‘Arab.’ She’s Egyptian. Get it straight.

    And please let me repeat:


    People don’t care to admit it because deep down they realize how shameful their actions are. But, it happens. Whether you like it or not or want to admit it or not, as PROVEN by the testimonial of the girl that escaped her captors. So sorry. And something needs to be done.

    Islam: The Religion of Abductions?

  5. saraghorab Says:

    You know, Egypeter, you’ve inspired me to write something. Most of you probably won’t like it, BUT at least maybe it’s a new theory that people have kept in the back of their heads. (I know of one case where it definitely happened, I’m sure there are others..)
    Oh, and thanks for defending my lineage, Peter.. 🙂

  6. coptic Says:

    طب بأمانة شديدة بدون تريقة القصة دي تنفع لفيلم عربي .

  7. saraghorab Says:

    Why? Coz she’s pretty or because you think she’s acting? Or because of “Drama Queen Syndrome” ?

  8. clear Says:

    take your sicko comments elsewhere ‘coptic’

  9. Ali Says:

    sorry but that’s called bullshit and i donno from where you getting this information, but what i think and sorry to say it
    you are Fucking Bullshit

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