Abdelkareem Video

Hot off the Compaq! About Egyptian blogger Kareem (www.freekareem.org ) who was unjustly imprisoned. (Anyone to support his interrogation should be thrown into the 17th Century. Or 7th..)



4 Responses to “Abdelkareem Video”

  1. lol Says:

    do u think that Mubaraks’ regime ssi will shake in their shoes because of “blogger strivers” with barely couple of hundred visitors each month hiding behind their laptops while eating the big mac and holding (diet) pepsi cans?! loooool

    don’t give urself so much credit and try to live in the real world and realize ur extent. oh i almost forgot u don’t live in Egypt, don’t get squeezed like salmon in public transportations everyday, stand in long queues waiting for the 5 pt. bread, still not married at age of 40!!

    as they say in arabic “kan gerkom ashtar”

    Ms. Sara … “WAKE UP”

  2. Egypeter Says:

    Great video!! Sally Bishai does awesome work.

    As for that idiot above me ignore its comments. What’s your fat ass doing to make Egypt better????? Sounds like NOTHING! Instead of criticizing do something, anything!

    And people wonder why Egypt is such a colossal mess. It’s because of losers like ‘lol’ above me that are pepetuating the suffering of Egyptians, don’t care and, above all, DO nothing.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    -Edmund Burke

  3. saraghorab Says:

    Hi Peter, what a nice compliment, I’ll be sure and tell old Sall you said so! (That said, the video was actually the effort of Equality in Egypt… 🙂 And thanks about the LOL defense, it’s mentalities like that that will keep Egypt at the bottom of the list of human rights, happiness, and freedom. Rabena yeshfeehom!

  4. Nah·det Masr Says:

    Just a late comment Sara. I believe these are dark moments for Egypt. The last thing I was proud of was virtual freedom of expression. I never imagined that the government will arrest someone because of what he writes in his blog! to make things worse, a majority of bloggers or commentors are displaying apathy or even support for his imprisonment!

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