Egyptian Blogger Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman IMPRISONED For Anti-Islamic Comments

Anyone who knows about the wonderful freedoms today’s Islamic Egypt affords her citizens will be surprised to hear that a harmless 22-year-old blogger who wrote an anti-Islamic essay was thrown into jail recently. 

Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman, 21 at the time, actually saw late 2005’s  Moharam Bey riots firsthand, and then wrote about them on his blog. He also labeled the religion of his birth, Islam,  a “dirty religion” and spoke of its dangers. Shortly thereafter, he was taken in for questioning and detained for several days. Fast forward to the start of this year, and he was actually expelled from Islamic university Al Azhar. (Read this  article for background and a translation of his inflammatory blog posting.)

All was well for a while, but then the trouble began again. Abdelkareem was profiled on an Al Jazeera documentary about bloggers, making his face—which had previously appeared on his blog and on the first “Free Kareem” campaign—even more famous.

While many Moderate Muslims (some of them bloggers) defended him despite his defamation of their religion (and keep in mind that he himself was born Muslim), many of the people Abdelkareem daily came into contact with began to treat him differently. For example, one source tells me that several businesses took him aside and kindly asked him to stay away from their shops until the hubbub died down. Other shopkeepers were not so kind in their requests.

And let’s not forget the time Abdelkareem went to Al Azhar to collect his papers and documents, and ended up being attacked by security officials and others, most of whom were armed. (He managed to escape in a taxi, thankfully.)

Now, however, Abdelkareem faces a new problem (read  for a closer look). He was thrown into jail for continuing to speak what was in his mind and heart, two parts of him that worked (and work) in concert with one another (a rarity in this day and age), existing solely to bring about utter human rights and equality for everyone.

Many of you may remember blogger Alaa’s ( similar imprisonment earlier this year, as well as the arrests and detentions of several other Muslim Egyptian activist/bloggers.

You may also remember the goings-on revolving Coptic blogger Hala el Masry (  ) who has been in and out of the presence of State Security.

Point being, Egypt hasn’t shown much mercy to pro-Islamic bloggers (Alaa, Malek X, etc.), or to anti-State Security bloggers (perhaps not so much ANTI as “Telling it like it is”), and so I worry about Abdelkareem. I worry about the hired thugs—I mean “policemen” who will be “tending” him. And no, I’m not worried about the safety of the thugs, but Abdelkareem’s safety as he is “tended” by them. (Have a look at this video for a glimpse at one of the things the “tender” tenders are famous for: ) 


The answer is this: Take a few minutes to read up about Abdelkareem, tell as many people as you know about his case, and consider signing a petition. (  and )

Basically, we need Egypt to know that we’re watching them.

We need the thugs and idiots who allow this type of thing to go on (and I’m not necessarily talking about Mubarak here) to FEEL the wrath that normal, non-sociopathic people feel when they see fellow humans being beaten or tortured or attacked or killed—just because their opinion isn’t a popular one.

Or because their opinion isn’t popular with the people in power.


10 Responses to “Egyptian Blogger Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman IMPRISONED For Anti-Islamic Comments”

  1. Faisal Says:

    Just wanted to check something… Alaa and Malek are Pro-Islamic Bloggers?

    Does that mean they are bloggers who support Islamic sentiments in their blogs or own Islam-oriented blogs?

  2. Amr Gharbeia Says:

    To correct your information: AbdelKarim is being kept for interrogation, by the order of Prosecution. He is not imprisoned yet. A prison sentence comes from a court, and he has not been referred to any.

    I am sure Alaa and Malek will smile when they hear someone calling them “pro-Islamic”.

  3. clear Says:

    lets hope that all the publicity surrounding him will make them back off.

  4. saraghorab Says:

    Thanks for corrections, I meant they’re pro-Islamic compared to Kareem.. I know they’re pro-democracy first and foremost! Sorry it came off that way! 🙂

    Also, any time someone is detained for interrogation, that is imprisonment. Maybe it’s not a sentence of ___ days or months, but he is still, for all intents, locked up. Inshallah he will be out before the newest 15 days are up.

    God’s blessings,

  5. Faisal Says:

    No no ya Sara, you misunderstood. They are no where close to being Islamic anything, Democracy and everything else coming first.

    You might want to ask them… but I’m pretty damn sure that they’re more secular than secular… if that were possible.

  6. saraghorab Says:

    Haha Faisal, you’re funny 🙂 From having read some of their posts, I think they’re secular but not anti-Islamic (maybe anti-“fundamentalist Islam”, whatever that is!).. either way, as long as they’re for freedom and democracy, then GO THEM, you know? 🙂

  7. Comme une bouteille jete la mer! Says:

    Lettre Kareem

    Votre tort est d’tre n dans un mauvais endroit du monde caractris par le dni de la pense, la perscution, l’inhumanit et l?absence de libert.

  8. Faisal Says:

    Yes of course, go them. Just wanted to clear up the idea of them being Pro-Islamic. I didn’t say they were anti-Islamic, just secular.

    I’m secular, and I’m not anti-Islamic… so I suppose it’s possible. I have to admit, though, that the true nature of their spiritual beliefs are unknown to me having never conversed with them on that topic.

    To clear that up a bit more, I don’t think being anti or pro islamic as bad things either. It’s fundamentalist Islamists (and I can explain generally who I would consider them to be, if you wish) who are a no-no. Tab3an, fundamentalist meaning extremists… and I’m not talking about the Osama Bin Laden alone here.

    Extremist anything is disgusting. Egypt has a whole load of that; Muslim, Christian and many other things for that matter.

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  10. Primo Says:

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