Saudi Has The Right Idea–Why The Use of Sexual Assault as a Coercive “Tool” Should Result in Mandatory Castration

So. THIS GUY says that raped women asked for it if they weren’t covered up.

Then THIS blog makes neqab into a form of sex object (very interesting article, BTW), then THIS and THIS and THIS and even THIS blog each covers the ridiculous Eid el Fitr gang groping in Cairo.

This, a little over a year after Rabab al-Mahdi and other ladies were Sexually Assaulted by Egypt’s finest.

This is to say nothing about the KIDNAPPINGS and Deliberate and Religiously-Motivated Seductions that has Egypt making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

(This is to say nothing about the ABSURD PUNISHMENTS that are lavished upon those that speak against Islam, but that’s another story.)

Am I the only one to think that using sex as a weapon is morally wrong? The profusion of articles and blog postings about the Eid Fiasco would prove that others do care, but caring isn’t enough.

Apart from the fact that State Security don’t care enough to protect their countrymen (or women, as the case may be), I really disagree with the whole “three strikes and yer outta there” business.

Why not make a sexual assault automatically carry a penalty of, say, castration with a dull knife?

I PROMISE that this will end the things happening in Egypt. For one, people will know that they can’t get away with anything. For two, there wouldn’t be even one repeat offender.

And if castration didn’t do the trick, Egypt could always pull a Saudi A. and BOBBIT-IZE the offending, um, member of society.


25 Responses to “Saudi Has The Right Idea–Why The Use of Sexual Assault as a Coercive “Tool” Should Result in Mandatory Castration”

  1. forsoothsayer Says:

    thanks for the link, but a little academic study of islam would not go amiss. copts in the diaspora can be so annoying sometimes.

  2. saraghorab Says:

    Ok, Forsoothsayer, I’ll wait here while you go study Islam. Maybe you might even get an advanced degree in it, as I have. And I forgive you for being annoying–after all, it’s obvious that you spent your formative years in the Diaspora (because being from Egypt or being an F.O.B. is sooooo cool, isn’t it! Yay, let’s go smoke some sheeshas!)

    Holla back atcha girl, I be born and bred, baybay.

    (See how annoying a patronizing person is? Topping everyone’s story with an oh-so-cool “been there, done that” only makes a person tiresome, which I’m sure you know.

    Life is not a contest as to how Egyptian a person is. How would you like it if I said “I speak 7 languages (fluently), my hubby makes over a million a year, my dad’s a doctor, my mom’s a doctor, we own 4 car dealerships and a hospital, my grandparents and greats were also doctors, I’m prettier, I have a nicer body, a nicer car, I have GOOD HAIR, a great job, great reputation, AND a Hummer with a biodiesel converter thingie that lets you use old french fry oil to get 50 MPG.” (Clear, get over here and save me from this rant. Ro7ty fein ya benty?)

    Do these things even matter? Furthermore, would they matter if I was uptight and uppity and snobbish and elitist and… um, patronizing??

  3. Egypeter Says:

    Sara –

    Don’t let forsoothsayer’s comment bother you.

    You see, I wonder about her. I wonder about her and another Coptic blogger, twosret, who say some crazy crazy shit! It’s as if they’ve been really really dhimmized!!

    Is this girl a scholar on Islam?? I sure as hell ain’t no “scholar” on Islam, oh no. But do I know enough about the Religion of Peace to have formed an educated opinion on the religion. You better bleieve it πŸ™‚

    What kind of STUPID comment was that from forssothsayer?? I can’t make sense of it. Come and tell us of your deep studies into Islam that we’ve all missed.

    I would reccomend you, forsoothsayer, to go do a little study on the history of Egypt and what the Arabs did to your forefathers for not submitting to Islam!!!!

  4. saraghorab Says:

    My dear Egypeter who has more Egyptian in his little finger than certain other people have in every cell of their bodies..

    Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comment, have I told you lately that I love you? (If not, here’s a big “I LOVE YOU,” bro!)

    It’s always sad to see situations where people KNOW (or are in a position where they CAN’T not know) the truth, and end up denying the not-so-happy truth. (For whatever reason.)

    It’s even sadder when people who are technically on the same team are difficult just for the sake of being difficult. (It’s like, with “friends” like that, who needs enemies? But you know what, Egypeter? Friends like you make up for the other kind… πŸ™‚

    Rabena yebarkak and thanks again..

  5. Alison Says:

    Hahaha, Sara, that’s funny. If you said that to her, Forsooth would be like “Well, I speak EIGHT.” Or she’d say “Who cares about languages, anyway?” Typical loser mentality. She’s got to top you or else claim she doesn’t care about what she didn’t top you at. Cheer up, Charlie. Me and Egyptian Pete got your back!

  6. anna Says:

    “a little academic study of islam”

  7. clear Says:

    im glad to see you back in action sara-

    hmmm, thanks for putting all those points together. I m totally revolted by the situation in egypt…it has come to this..assaulting women in public and ripping their clothes off. this doesn’t even happen in the oh so evil and decadent west. Stuff like this always used to happen, exce[pt it happened behind closed doors and it was done discreetly but now we’re onto a new level.

    You’re surprised that egypt’s finest don’t do anything about this. egypt’s finest are actually egypt’s lowest and they revel in this stuff. i had a run in with egypt’s finest when this guy wouldn’t stop following me and kept on harrasing me so i see egypt’s finest round the corner and i go to report him. As i approach them, guess what they start shouting lewd comments at me (note: dressed in loose long clothes!)

    “Why not make a sexual assault automatically carry a penalty of, say, castration with a dull knife? ”

    haha, yes except there is no concept of sexual assault. In our culture it’s just ‘man having fun’.

  8. saraghorab Says:

    I think it’s remarkably mature of me to keep her link up when she’s so quick to dismiss the problems in Egypt that I’m trying so hard to “shed a light on”.

    To quote a girl I know,



  9. saraghorab Says:

    Oh, and glad to see *toi* again, too, Dear Clear πŸ™‚

    (Good points, all.. let’s hope the Egyptian Angels–State Security–will read our remarks and yetkesfo 3ala dammohom. Oh, you’re right.. ma3ndohomsh damm. Or dameer for that matter..)

  10. clear Says:

    i generally think that: if you have to flaunt it then you ain’t got ‘it’.

  11. Egypeter Says:

    Sweet sweet Sara. Right back at ya sis, “I love ya too!” And I love your blog. And thank YOU for the very kind words. πŸ™‚

    I take tremendous pride in my Coptic heritage and anybody that knows me knows that πŸ™‚ I love everything about it. I love, and am a casual student of, Pharohnic and Coptic history. And ya know what, the more one studies it the more one falls in love with it! That’s why I’m so disappointed at what’s happening in the “Arab” republic of Egypt. Heh, Arab, ya right!

    And I’ve never lived a day in Egypt πŸ™‚ Love to visit though. but I’m afraid if things keep going like they are now then I’m not sure I’ll enjoy my visits so much in the future. I hope and pray for the best.

    Anyway, long live “Umm il-Dunya” and God bless ya Sara!

  12. Faisal Says:

    So you’ve let it out of your system and dissed Forsoothsayer “back”? Now, how about a little academic study of Islam? You keep switching back and forth to practice and teachings and extremely strange assumptions that at first it seems over-whelming to anyone who might wish to refute your arguments.

    Overwhelming only because there are so many things to correct (academically and from the texts) that one doesn’t know where to begin?

    Might I inquire as to the nature of the advanced degree and where you happened to obtain it?

    As for your post, let me make it clear that anyone who supports what that stupid, retarded idiot in Australia spewed is as stupid and retarded as he is. BUT, keep in mind this idea: Not all Egyptian girls who wear the Higab (which I personally do not support in any way and, in fact, abhor the idea of) do it for religious reasons. Most, in fact, because their family has been doing it for that long.

    This is how you get girls who wear it and have pre-marital sex. Which, let me tell you, is personally fine by me; it’s their god-damned life and they can do whatever they please with it.

    So what is it that I am trying to say?

    That social factors are sometimes much stronger than religious ones… in fact, your average Egyptian (and I suppose you know this, I merely recount it for anyone else reading this), be he Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, Atheist, Jew, Baha’i, Sufee or whatever else would not be able to draw a clear line between what are in fact religious teachings start and social practices stop.

    Usually an amalgamation of the two occurs.

    So, basically, that the afore-mentioned stupid idiot is a loser patriarchal son of a bitch is beyond doubt; that he is stuck with the retarded mentality that faults women for everything is not in question; that he attempts to use religion (being a cleric himself) to rationalize an of his is pathetic, wrong and (I would have said were I religious) sinful; to implicitly or explicitly say he does this BECAUSE he is a Muslim is faulty, ignorant and shameful… at best.

  13. clear Says:

    egypeter, im amazed that you’re so interested in egypt. Most diaspora heads i know who have not lived in egypt always look down on it as being this backward retarded place that is not like the US and want nothing to do it. I despise that attitude but i think i would probably be the same too if i was in their position, especially as a woman. Man in king in egypt so i guess it ain’t so bad for the guys.

  14. saraghorab Says:

    Dear, Sweet Peter, thanks for your kind comments, and I love your blog, too! (I’ve mentally gathered all your comments across all the different blogs you post at, and wrapped them up into a nice, neat box, labelled “The World According to Egypeter.” Wouldn’t it be funny if “Egypeter” was Coptic for “Egyptian dude” or something and your name was actually not Peter, as I called you 2 seconds ago? Haha. Sorry. Trying day and my mind is tapioca… πŸ™‚

    Anyway, glad that you’re interested in your history, for it is a rich one!

    And to Clear, I’ve actually noticed (here, anyway) that many diasporics are obsessed with presenting themselves as “The most Egyptian” and trying to put on a fob accent or wear blue eye shadow (not the guys..!) or wear sparkles, and it just looks kind of wrong. Just like it looks wrong when you hear someone in Egypt or a fob saying “HEeeeeeey, maaaan, whassssup? Whoz ya daddy nowwwww??” (like the guy–Kholi?– in “Bride and Prejudice”)

    Like I told Forsooth, there isn’t a contest to say “I am the best or the most or the whatever!”

    Each of us is valuable because God made us, and if someone stands out of a crowd–for better or for worse–more than the rest of the people out there, it’s like, God bless ’em, you know?

    (If I can give a shout out to Vancouver…!)

  15. saraghorab Says:

    Hi Faisal, I decided you needed your own reply, and have, thus, started one. (Let’s see how far I get before running out of steam, though!)

    First, I would love to tell you where I got that degree from, but unfortunately, my humble postings have made it to some Coptic sites (Copts United, United Copts, U.S. Copts, Canadian Copts, among others) and some regional newspapers, which is far more exposure than I wanted for my opinions. You do know about Wafa Sultan, don’t you?

    In any case, one day I would love to sit down for a nice chat, where I will tell you the degrees I have, where I got them from, what they were in, and how many years I’ve spent working for the government.

    I would love to answer point by point about your thoughts on the Australian Imam, but they are your opinions, and I can’t really mess with them. Furthermore, I kind of agree with much that you wrote.

    To go to the most important part, I didn’t diss Forsooth for the fun of it, or to get her back. And no, it’s not out of my system. If you think that my not unkind rebuttal to her uncalled for (and unasked for, I might add) comments and having made an assumption about the type of person I am was a “diss,” then I wonder that you don’t blame the dead guy for having gotten himself murdered by a psycho that happened to be sweeping through the building.

    This is not to pit her as a psycho or me as a dead guy/victim, but there you have it.

    I don’t really see why you’re trying to make me out to be the bad guy here, the one who has an anger problem who needs to ‘get it out of my system,’ as it were, when I was merely responding to a young upstart who lacks good breeding and respect for her elders, and proved it here for everyone to see.

    At any rate, if ever I’m rude or unChristian I expect to be called out for it, but in this case, I’m as pure as the driven snow.

    Salaam 3alekom.

  16. Alison Says:

    I think this whole thread is highly amusing, but cheer up, Sara, you’re in the right here, and me, clear, and Egypteter are on your side. (Hmm Egypteter, very chivalrous, aren’t ya? Are you married? It’s for someone else, not me!)

  17. Faisal Says:

    I want to make it clear that when I asked about the degree, I wanted to check the geographical location, more than the academic institution itself.

    As for:

    “And no, it’s not out of my system. If you think that my not unkind rebuttal to her uncalled for (and unasked for, I might add) comments and having made an assumption about the type of person I am was a β€œdiss,” then I wonder that you don’t blame the dead guy for having gotten himself murdered by a psycho that happened to be sweeping through the building.”

    Just to clarify what I meant: dissed as I used it, and I suppose how the word came to be, comes from disrespect. It was not meant to imply anything about your person. If you wish to say it did, that’s up to you. I didn’t mean it that way and after thinking about whether I could have meant it subconsciously, I want to re-iterate: I STILL didn’t mean it that way.

    To answer your (rhetorical) question: I won’t blame the dead guy.

    As for making you out to be the bad guy with anger problems… I think you’ve gotten a bit sensitive there ya Sara. It was just the bit in the beginning. The rest of my comment was a substantive response to what was written in the post and previous comments.

    Sara7attan, even though I am older (and not by much) than the young upstart… the fact that you had to say something like that belies an attitude that I, personally, detest. [Keep in mind that I detest the attitude, and not you, and that this quite a large period of time before your post or blog existed – ya3nee 7aga feya ana men zaman]. I don’t like the implicit insinuation that the relationship is defined as follows:

    Younger person has to be polite and respectful to elder. Elder has no obligation to do the same. Elder has the right to “slap younger on the wrist” because he is Elder.

    Now before you tell me that you never mentioned or even implied that… I have to point out the fact that you said it. If it goes both ways, why did you even have to point out the elder thing? You COULD have said (of course, it’s totally up to you what you say and why) she was rude or disrespectful.

    But no, you reverted to the “Elder” person mode and admonished her for remarks you thought disrespectful.

    Do you mean to imply that you reserve the right to show her and/or any young upstart how to behave or act in the manner you did?

    Ba3dain you got personal and said: Good Breeding!!

    Mesh metrabeya ya3nee walla eh? Confined to the boundaries of your blog and this post… it is you who has erred greater. As an Egyptian, and I don’t think it matters what religion or age you are for this as I’m sure you know… you’ve just used one of the biggest “diss-es” one could ever use.

    I don’t enjoy nor like writing a comment like this… laken you chose to use almost all your comment to respond to one sentence I made.

    Finally, I want to point out that you didn’t respond to the rest of my comment. Did I fail at getting my substantive point across by simply using the example of the Muslim cleric in Australia? 3al 3omoom, keep in mind that even when you yourself agreed with what I wrote… you mentioned it keda… fe akher el gomla. Markoona fe rokn dalma men el oda ya3nee.

    Is it because I’m a Muslim? (at least leekee – I’ve mentioned both here and on my blog and to my friends and nas keteer moat that I’m not anymore… bas I guess it’s the name? You think I should change that to something… neutral? Suggestions for agnostic names?)

    Ya setee, law mesh 3awza el young upstarts yetkalemo henna, 2oolee. I, for one, will STFU and stay away.

  18. blacklander Says:

    Dear Sara,
    It has been a while since I checked your blog, and I figured you’d have a post with the downtown groping frenzy. I guessed right, but I’m have a hard time understanding the main theme of your writings.
    As you probably know by now, I’m a semi-chauvinist Egyptian, that’s the one identity I think we should clinch to.
    Identity stems from the people. It doesn’t matter who has whose genes, it doesn’t matter that Egypt was predominantly Coptic at one time upon history, it doesn’t matter that people disagree on religious matters, it doesn’t matter that we are a mixture of a dozen nations. It doesn’t matter what it was, what matters is today. People make the identity, so it serves no purpose to debate who is Arab and who is not, or who is Muslim, Christian, Jew, Bahai, or atheist. We are what we are today, and I’m more devoted to the present, not the past.
    That said, I agree with Faisal on most of what he said in his comment, so I’m not going to reiterate.
    When I heard about what happened in downtown and heard it happens in almost every crowding event, I proposed that us decent guys should grab something that hurts and guard downtown streets ourselves since the police won’t do it. I’m thinking the dull knife is going to be very effective, sadly people function solely on incentives. Morality is merely a masking of fear of punishment, if there is no punishment morality will decline. That’s what you get when the government is concerned solely with harassing political activists and does nothing to secure the streets for Egyptians.
    We may share various stances, but mine stems from loving this country, loving its people, belief in their right to a better life, basic human rights, basic freedoms. It doesn’t stem from promoting a religion or undermining another. I hope we share that spirit as well.
    I hope you’ll move back one day. konti nawya te3zemeeni 3ala ahwa, wana motamasek geddan bel 3ozooma di.
    I’ll be seeing you.

  19. saraghorab Says:

    To Ali, thanks, I think I’ve forgotten the whole sordid incident, and hope things are well with you! S tells me you’ve done some more writing recently… email it to me, girl!! πŸ™‚

    Kisses, Sara

    To my old friend Blacklander, I agree with everything you said here, especially the part about not understanding the main theme of my writings… I don’t think I’m ever going to stick to a side or stop blowing in the wind, but at least I am committed to justice everywhere.

    So yes, we share that spirit as well. (As well as the dull knife thing.)

    Inshallah I’ll move back one day, and if not, I’ll make a special trip with the express purpose of e3zeming you 3ala ahwa. (As long as State Security lets me back in the country ya3ni.)
    Until then,

    To my old buddy Faisal, thanks for your reply and sorry for any aspersions that may have seemed to jump out at you.

    I will answer your comment more lengthily when I come back from work today, if I have one breath left in my body.

    Until then, however, I want to tell you that I’m not as old as “Elder” would imply. So please don’t think I’m like 40 or something (not that this is old, just that it happens to be older than I am.). Also, I think respect, as everything, should be a 2 way street. Don’t think I would slap the wrist of a younger upstart just because I’m older (I’m a tad bit older than you, if everyone’s telling the truth..). Rather, I tried to teach the lesson to the younger people who sometimes don’t think before they speak, and the older people who sometimes don’t think before they speak, and the nass mesh metrabeyeen of any age who think they can go around being rude to everyone they want and perhaps even expecting that people would like it. Di esmaha being a spoiled brat, and if that’s not being mesh metrabeya.. or metrabi.. I don’t know what is.

    By the way, I consider you (a self-proclaimed agnostic), and any moderate muslim who wants democracy and freedom or just even equality in Egypt, to be on the same team that I am. Mafeesh olat “us” and “them” and “you guys.”
    Back to what my boy blacklander said, we are all Egyptians and we are all working for the common good of Egypt and everyone in it. I read something in the past week about Pan-Arabism vs Pan AFricanism.. it’s not online, but if I can scan it in you might wish to read it.

    Anyway, now that I’m very late for work, I’ll cut this short and maybe come back later and finish up. By the way, because I agreed with everything you said about the Imam, I didn’t focus on that.. I didn’t mean to merely “relegate” my brief response to that because there were more important things to respond to, as you remember.
    God bless and til next time,

    PS- If I think of any good agnostic names I’ll let you know.

  20. Egypeter Says:

    Okay. Just a couple of things.

    Clear, you said:

    “egypeter, im amazed that you’re so interested in egypt. Most diaspora heads i know who have not lived in egypt always look down on it as being this backward retarded place that is not like the US and want nothing to do it.”

    Well, Egypt today, unfortunately IS a backward and retarded place! It sucks but it’s the truth, ya know? But that doesn’t stop me from loving my country. I mean we’re Coptic. Our blood comes DIRECTLY from the Nile not Mississippi River!! Ya know, I’ve only been to Egypt twice and most recently in 2004. Even though the country is a mess one can’t help but love it! Any diaspora Copt that isn’t into Egypt and it’s tremendous history is just an idiot to me. Simple as that. None of my Coptic buddies here in Chicago are like that. Everyone here is very into their heritage.

    So, that’s my take Clear πŸ™‚

    Sara – Well, yes, my name really is Peter. Thought “Egypeter” would be a clever moniker…probably was wrong. And if you’ve caught most of my comments on blogs you’ll quickly see what I’m all aboutΒ  – I love Egypt (and Chicago) πŸ™‚

    Blacklander – Your comment was very impressive! I think everyone on this blog would agree that a united and diversified Egypt is the best route for the country. You’re obviously one of the ‘good guys’…well said ya masree!

    And Allison. No, I’m not married. I was though…twice. No, just kidding. I’m just a single dude loving life in Chi-town πŸ™‚

  21. clear Says:

    i love kholi saaab! i love the comeback by aishwara when he’s dissing india and she goes to him: ” are you not indian anymore”. most egyptian diaspora = kholi saab

  22. clear Says:

    mildly related but i read in an article in der Spiegel by amira el ahl today that according to google trends the countries that have the highest searches for the word “sex” are first pakistan and guess who comes second place- yep it’s Egypt. no wonder sexual assaults are rampant in egypt, noone can think about anything else.

  23. clear Says:

    she’s just jealous of you sara.

    bout time i jumped into the fray

  24. saraghorab Says:


  25. forsoothsayer Says:

    wow…I almost don’t believe it…but you really are just as patronizing as I said. thanks, Faisings – you said it for me πŸ™‚ with real friends like him, i don’t need people on my “team”. you got really heated up and took the conversation down to the lowest possible level. how unutterably vulgar you are…and unchristian too.

    listen, if you really are “older” (as if that matters!) and “more learned”, let’s see some maturity and good, well argued writing.

    jealous?! everyone knows that it’s easy to jump on the hate-Islam bandwagon. God forbid there should be some tolerance and understanding.

    Egypeter…inta bezzaat metenta2sh. you and your alleged expertise – never even been here! life is different on the ground, as anyone knows.

    Listen, I’m not admitting there aren’t problems on every level in Egypt. but simplifying them and rolling them up into one ignorant package does no one any good.

    May I never go back to the diaspora…better the hatred I know, right?

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