Crybabies, Resounding Clarity and a (Gulp!) Protestant Aboona??

To my beloved Clear and my dear Father Sorial… I want to say a big THANK YOU for keeping the loving and polite dialogue rolling here at “A New Egypt.”

My week has been more difficult than I care to share here (at the risk of sounding like a crybaby), and I have not had time to write anything of my own on your conversation (or comments, even) or on the recent riots in Egypt (about the kidnapped girls) or anything but my own quasi-success of being in print for once!

I am very sorry for this, and apologize profusely.

I hope everyone that visits my blog is doing well, and please know that I miss “the old days,” when I had the opportunity to reply to each and every comment.

Those days will soon return ISA. Please keep me in your prayers–despite my not wanting to unload on this page, I hate to admit that I have had several very serious problems hit me in the face this past month–a health problem, a problem at work that has me bringing in about $200 a month instead of my normal salary, and, most seriously (to my romantic mind), the discovery of something about a man who had just recently proposed to me, something that I just can’t live with. (Thank God I wasn’t in love with him, and that I only talked to him a few times, briefly, and very innocently. (So innocently that if I end up marrying a “respectable Egyptian guy,” even HE couldn’t object to the nature of the conversations.) Still, the realization that a dream won’t be realized is always a sad thing, if only briefly so.

Wellllll, there was also one other thing, but I can’t say it here. I want to. Oh, how I want to. I can’t, though. I have to think of my family. (Wow. If today’s rant can’t be called the work of a crybaby, I don’t know what can be.)

(We will return to our regularly scheduled program in a few days. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you, The Management.)


4 Responses to “Crybabies, Resounding Clarity and a (Gulp!) Protestant Aboona??”

  1. clear Says:

    hi sara,

    i don’t know what to say-i wish our lives could always be happy but i know that it is through these times that God often works in us. You are not alone dear sister in your trials and i will pray for you.

  2. M. Ghorab Says:

    I was about to say wow a great blog… great ideas for a new free and secular fundmentalist free Egypt… then I went on with my reading… and caught stuff like “Muslims did this and Muslims did that” than you used a political correct terms like “most” of Muslims and “few” of them and not “all of them are bad” etc… and then “the moon God” they call Allah. You are 100% free to believe that Allah is a moon god and sun God or any God/Godess that you want… just like I’m free to believe that Jesus is no God at all and merely a prophet but when there is conversation or blog dedicated toward a country that have diffrent religions and sects… I don’t shove my believe (that could be offending to the other) in their faces… if my true intentions are constructive dialogues and essays for the good of my country and not just “crybaby” rants like most of the other bloggers do.

    BTW in case you didnt notice we share the same family name and country too!

  3. saraghorab Says:

    Hi my fellow Ghorab, does that mean you like me or you don’t?? In any case, pleased to meet another … 🙂 God bless, Sara

  4. M. Ghorab Says:

    me like you indeed 🙂 … but I was just pointing out for something that I noticed!

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

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