Photo x Quarterly, Winter Edition, Is In Bookstores Now!

I am happy to share a piece of news with you all–Photo X Quarterly (a subdivision of X Culture Magazine) is out, and some of my work appears in it.. I’ve already ordered MY copy, have you ordered yours??


7 Responses to “Photo x Quarterly, Winter Edition, Is In Bookstores Now!”

  1. coptic Says:

    hi sara, can you send this copy to my email because i’m living in egypt and don’t have a credit card …


  2. clear Says:

    hey sara,
    what is photo x quarterly? is it like a photo mag? that’s really your cool, your work got published-photos yeah? i d really like to see them! is that you on the front cover, you sly thing you, all this time you’re a guy and we thought you were a gal….nice suit though.

  3. saraghorab Says:

    hi coptic, it is a paper magazine, i do not have a copy to send you, you should get in touch with the people at , they are the publishers.

  4. saraghorab Says:

    hi clear, photo x is a print magazine put out by the peeps at and sally bishai (another coptic protestant), they are not photos, i have poetry and some articles in there! hhaha, the guy in the front is dr jihad 3ouda of the mubarak party, and medhat from copts united i think, they were in a conference recently. sorry for typos, my coffee break almost up! 🙂

  5. clear Says:


    found this article, via another site i hasten to add!- so insightful and really represents the ‘new’ egypt. Sara, we don’t need a new egypt, I would be quite happy with the old one my parents had.

    i wouldn’t have expected this in vanityfair but read it, you’ll agree that’s very true to life

  6. Egypeter Says:

    Clear – What a sad picture, or better yet, portrait of what Egypt is today. The story of Farouk is probably repeated a million times over in Egypt. No one has anything to do but to pray. And for millions of Egyptians that means going to the local mosque. Some that are decent and many that are now millitant. I feel terrible for that Farouk fellow. The potential of Egypt, based on Egyptians, is limitless if only under a totally different system.

    And to be honest. I’m all for the continued development of Sharm and the “Red Sea Riviera.” That is a potential big boost to the Tourism Industry that is so important. I’m also for the strong showing of force against those bedouin terrorists in the Sinai. The stronger the reaction the better, as far as I’m concerned.

    Let’s hope someone comes forward that will ressurect Egypt from the shambles it’s in.

  7. clear Says:

    egypeter, it is sad and it is repeated a million times over…i don’t know if you’ve ever been to Sharm but you should go because it’s beautiful, it’s part of egypt and it just has to be visited. sharm is 95% farouks- there are loads of young men with tonnes of potential who are intelligent and hardworkers and are trying desperately to make a living. They leave their families and come to sharm to work and most of them have an amazing working grasp of 3 languages- russian, italian and english. Some of these people haven’t been schooled and they just pick it up by talking to tourists because they know that they have a better chance of getting money if they can speak with them…. Some of them are uni graduates and they can’t find anything else- what a total and utter waste.

    We need employers to harness these people’s talents and skills. If i had a business, i would hire any of those workers on the spot.

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