I’m Sorry

Due to 57 recent comments on “A New Egypt” (but not ON “A New Egypt,” if you know what I mean) I am forced to go back to moderating all comments, resulting in slower-posting comments.

But at least this way I can assure you that you’ll never have to read even ONE comment dealing with online casinos or “extremely young gay guys”.. (well, on MY blog, anyway… 🙂

May your day be BLESSED, my friends.

Love to everyone and many thanks to Clear for telling me I should delete the comments, rather than being a bum and leaving them.

(Well, he didn’t use the word bum, but it sounded good here, so..)


One Response to “I’m Sorry”

  1. clear Says:

    is ok, we understand your dilemma.

    To the annoying guy:

    Sara knows your IP address Casino guy, so be scared, be very scared…mwhahahahahahaha

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