Kidnapped Christian Girls! 

(Pass it on!)


12 Responses to “Kidnapped Christian Girls!”

  1. Egypeter Says:

    What a spectacular idea!!! Voices will no longer be silenced with the advent of the internet. Thank God.

    But wait, I thought Forced Coversions and Christian Abductions in Egypt don’t happen? That’s what just about EVERY single muslim I’ve met on the internet says…I keep hearing the same damn verse from the Quran, you know, the “No compulsion in religion” line I keep getting fed.

    Now I have a site to send their ignorant rear-ends to.

    Keep up the loud voice Sara…God bless!

  2. saraghorab Says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for the comment and the support! You’re right, every single one of the 10,000 girls who’ve disappeared have all “run away to be with their one, true love.”

    Who happened to be a Muslim. Who happened to make her one, too. Who happened to magically remove her cross tattoo.

    Too bad those-of-the-ignorant-rear-ends are brainwashed into believing that trash. Thank God for guys like Blacklander and Faisal, who at least admit that these things sometimes do happen. Maybe not every time, but at least some of the time! And once is definitely too much!

    Anyway, God bless you, too, and many prayers for you to also keep up your loud voice! 🙂

  3. clear Says:

    why don’t well connected egyptians copts do something about this?

  4. saraghorab Says:

    Hi clear, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, the Coptic Movement is marked by LOTS of infighting, so much so that many Copts are fed up with the whole thing. Worse yet, those outside of the movement (well, not OUTsiders, but non-Copts) who want to step in and help us out have gotten very turned off because of all the fighting. Very sad, really. We can’t blame Mubarak or the Baltageya (thugs in State Security) for ruining things when it’s a good chunk of the Coptic population that is to blame..

    May God help us, we need it!!

  5. Egypeter Says:

    Just give it time Sara, trust me. We’re ALL very new at this and while I understand many of the frustrations…we’ll get it right. I already see big improvements here in Chicago.

    Here check out the Coptic Assembly of America (CAA) that we just started in Chicago.

    Remember, all these other diasporic communities have been in the States for a long time, much longer than us Copts. We’ve been in America for only a few decades and are just learning how to get politically involve. After millenia of oppression I think it’s understandable that it takes us a little time to get acclimated to our new found freedoms of speech.

    Anyway, God bless!!

  6. clear Says:

    sara, i don’t think christians need an invite to help a kidnapped girl- its supposed to be our duty. It’s called APATHY and fear of rocking the boat. Are you trying to tell me that there isn’t one christian lewa out there who can pull a few strings and find out where the heck this girl is?

    come on, i was told by some friends of ours when they thought their son had killed someone in a car crash that they told him to phone his uncle a lewa to cover up the deal so that he wouldn’t be done for manslaughter. this is egypt remember…

    noone cares because she’s a poor girl fel aryaf- it doesn’t matter what happens to them right- she’s not from an important family and she doesn’t live in zamalek so why bother. that’s the real deal, no?

  7. saraghorab Says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for the link and God bless you kaman!

    Hi Clear, I agree with you, the poorer and not-famous people are the ones no one will ever make a stink over, which is why They sometimes target them. I am so sad, sickened, and angry over the way things are over there, but things are that bad here in the West, too. A Kennedy or a member of the House of Windsor would much sooner be publicized and moved on than the random 12-year old from Chataqua. As far as I know, they do know where she is (With Prince Khalid) but aren’t going in there to get her because “they heard with her own voice that she is not screaming bloody murder.”

    *Huge Sigh*

    God bless you, Clear, and thanks for your comment, as always.

  8. clear Says:

    yeah, it’s human nature sara and you’re right in that unfairness is not just localised to Egypt. I guess what we can do is pray

  9. clear Says:

    sara, block that guy

  10. saraghorab Says:

    Yes, sir! 🙂

  11. clear Says:

    haha 🙂

    i just realised, it looks like i mean egypeter, i mean the one posting the rubbish

  12. isi Says:

    estas conversaciones nunca te dan lo qe necesitay!!!!!!!!!1

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