Can You BLAME Me?

It’s been said that “you can’t please all the people all the time.” It’s also been said that you can’t please any of the people any of the time, and to be very frank, it feels like I’m living the latter.

I want to say one thing, both to my fans and to the people who think I’m a fiend of hell who should shut her mouth and have her keyboard confiscated–I write to lend a voice to those who have none. If you don’t like the topics I choose to write about–or the way I’ve chosen to handle them–I’m sorry for you. But not sorry enough to stop.

See, not one article I’ve written has been my idea. Or, if it has, it’s been inspired by Egyptians in Egypt and Egyptians in the diaspora. People have asked me to write about these things. When people hear I have a blog(albeit not very popular), they BEG me to write something, in fair-to-middling English, so that other English-speakers out there can hear about the problems that are on the minds of the people who’ve begged me to write about them. The problems, I mean.

Let me tell you another thing–some of the people who leave the great comments in this blog assume that I’ve either never lived in the West, never lived in Egypt, never dealt with Muslims, never dealt with Christians, that I’m a spoiled kid, that I’m a jaded old hag, and hundreds of other things(that may or may not be true).

I don’t write on the basis of my own experience, although I have A LOT to draw upon in that area. I have friends and family members who have LOST their daughters to Muslims and even Christians of “unacceptable” denominations.

Just last week, one of my cousins married a guy from “the wrong denomination,” and that was the week that her family disowned her.

Just last month, a distant aunt of mine in Toronto was weeping on the phone, telling me that her daughter had been seduced by a Muslim guy, and that he divorced her a few weeks after she’d left the family to marry him.

Just last year, I turned down a guy–who could very well have been the love of my life–because he wanted me to convert to another faith or denomination (sorry I can’t tell you which..!).

All I’m trying to say is that I’m no one special, I don’t have a monopoly on the truth or on the way things are. But I have so much life experience, and so much of it has broken my heart.

I’ve done and seen things that would shock you. I’ve also been kept from things that most people take for granted. My heart BREAKS when I think of people suffering–whether physically or emotionally or (especially) spiritually… because I’ve been there. I would have my arms and legs sawed off (without anaesthetic) if it would save even one person from an inch or an ounce of the pain that I’ve witnessed and undergone in my life. And I never want to offend or sadden or anger anyone, by word or thought or deed.

But, by denying my pen and my voice to the people who rely on me, I would be hurting them more than I’d hurt you by saying something that you might think is “off the wall.”

Please. I speak in love. My bark is infinitely worse than my bite. And I want to be your friend, no matter who you pray to, what your vision of heaven is, or who you rooted for in the World Cup.

Blessings, hugs, and kisses,



6 Responses to “Can You BLAME Me?”

  1. Faisal Says:

    I rooted for England & Argentina. But they both lost. DAMN THEM!

  2. clear Says:

    Sara, your blog has definitely been put at the top of my list of fave blogs because it deals with important issues such as faith and God, which is of vital importance. It’s good that you have included this in your blog as i have found that a lot of egyptian blogs tend to just focus on middle east or copts v muslims topics.

    Personal attacks i find are usually the lowest form of comeback if one at all and does not help discussion or the search for truth!

    Keep going

    Best wishes

  3. saraghorab Says:

    Hi Clear, thanks for your kindness, which took the edge off of the other attacks on my blog. God bless you and keep you (if only for me! 🙂


  4. blacklander Says:

    I liked the “I’m sorry but not sorry enough to stop” bit, says it all. You’re a southerner too girl or what? We actually share the family name, I’m Asser Ghorab myself
    You’d better not stop, if you did i’ll trash your inbox with rap music and other harmful material.

  5. saraghorab Says:

    Why do I have to enter my own website address whilst replying to my own blog?

    Anyway, glad you liked it.. I’m actually more Southern than you might be expecting, my fellow Ghorab.. would you believe me if I told you I lived in Tennessee or something for now?

    Finally, I totally Capice, and not planning to stop anytime soon (now that I know I have your support, ya3ni..), but feel free to trash my inbox all the same, it’s mzsaraghorab at

  6. grbaex Says:

    SARA GHORAB RULES THE WORLD. (This is what I am replacing our friend’s spams with from now on.. 😉

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