A New Egypt!!

A friend recently asked me to comment on the fiasco of Holy Week, and I want to say something..  

I am not shocked at all.  

Ever since the riots came to Alex, I lost the ability to be shocked by the new, and rapidly worsening events. Did this obliterate my dream of happiness in

Not at all!  

Because the truth is that, by blogger Alaa's kidnapping/arrest, by Abdelkareem's expulsion from al Azhar Law School, by the very fact that these small things are adding up—coming to a head, as it were—I see one big thing starting to happen: Freedom.  

These are its birth pains. 

Perhaps things may seem to get worse for a time  before we are able to reach an equal, happy and relatively free(er)
 I am sad for the casualties, of course.  

If I could, I would plunk down the long-stemmed strawberries I’m languidly dragging through a veritable tureen of whipped cream (the container said “LO-CAL,” but it seems more like “SO-CAL”) and go sit with Alaa in jail.  

If I could, I would do more than sit in my ivory tower and write articles.  

I might write to law-makers and urge them to do something. I might start a demonstration of my own. I might even join a human-rights organization and tell them all about the blatant human rights violations that our fair government is tossing towards her beloved citizens. 

Actually, I’ve done all of these things.  

But I’m just one voice. 

I need your help, and so do our brothers and sisters who are really and truly bearing the brunt of our fight to make
Egypt great again.

Friends, DO NOT GIVE UP!  

They are trying to wear us down so that we will accept the status quo and say “Well, we tried. We did all we could,” and settle down quietly in our paper-lined cages. 

Do people not realize that things have only become this way because people backed down or fled the country at the first opportunity?  

Not that I can blame them, and not that their strategic position outside of Egypt (and away from our dear government) makes them and their fighting less effective… quite the opposite, in fact. 

It’s only when we stand together—fighting for our rights, filing complaints when we are mistreated, and attracting international attention—that we can really effect change. Will we make a dent, though, or are we just striking out at a wall that will never get dented, much less collapse? 

Friends, we WILL make a dent, but it will take time to see it.  

One day we'll wake up and see a huge dent where we've each struck the wall (or car door, or whatever the metaphor implies), and on that sweet day our efforts will be rewarded. Will we suffer in the meantime?  

You'd better believe it.  

But we're suffering NOW, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, so we may as well get a good return for all this suffering… right?



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